Changes to Title

Transmission to surviving joint tenant

If you own a property with someone as joint tenants, and that person has passed away, we can assist with the transfer of the property into your name by the right of survivorship. This process is called Transmission to Surviving Joint Tenant.

Typically, the process involves:

  • Obtaining a title search and confirming the name of the deceased person and joint tenancy;
  • Comparing the death certificate to the title (note: an original death certificate from Vital Statistics BC is required for Land Title Office to file a transmission to surviving joint tenant);Preparing and reviewing with you all relevant documentation;
  • Registration of the transmission at Land Title Office;
  • Ordering your State of Title Certificate and reporting to you.

Transmission to executor

If someone who owns real property has passed away, and you are the Executor, the property must be transferred into the name of the Executor before it can be sold or transferred to the beneficiary named in the Will. Even if the Executor and the Beneficiary are the same person, it still must be transferred to the Executor first, then to the Beneficiary. The Executor must obtain Letters Probate from the court before a land title transfer can occur, and before they can sell the property.

Adding or removing someone from title

If you would like to add or remove someone from your title, we can assist with this.  As there can be tax implications, we strongly recommend you seek advice from a tax accountant, prior to exploring this option. Notaries Public cannot provide you with tax advice.

Property Transfer Tax is typically applicable, even on transfers between family members as certain restrictions may apply. Additionally, if you have a mortgage or line of credit on your title, the person you are wanting to add will need to qualify and be approved by your lender before we can proceed with your title transfer.

Please give us a call if you are interested in adding someone or removing someone from your title to see if Ridge Notaries can assist. If your transfer is something we are not able to take on due to our limited scope of practice, we will happily refer your case out to a lawyer.

Title changes or corrections

If you have been married or divorced, legally changed your name, or discovered a mistake on your title, Ridge Notaries can help. Even if this is after the purchase of your property, we can amend your name on title. We will register the relevant documents with Land Title Office. Often, Vital Statistics supporting documents will be required, such as a certificate of divorce or marriage certificate.  We can also register an address change or correction.

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