Typically, a covenant is an agreement between two parties that puts restrictions on land and its use. City of Maple Ridge has a variety of covenants they require homeowners to register. For example, you are building your own home on a vacant lot. Or you may be doing other modifications to your building structure, such as a temporary residential use covenant (TRU) or a garden suite. Additionally, if you have a mortgage or line of credit, the municipalities require us to prepare a Priority Agreement document.

Typically, the steps in the covenant process are as follows:

  • Obtaining and reviewing the covenant specification that the municipality requires;
  • Pulling a title search;
  • Preparing the covenant and supporting documents;
  • Preparing a priority agreement to be signed by your lender;
  • Sending the covenant and priority agreement to your lender for execution;
  • Sending the covenant and priority agreement to the City for execution;
  • Liaising and coordinating with the municipality, lender, and other stakeholders;
  • Registering with Land Title Office, reporting to you and all relevant parties;
  • Ordering a new State of Title Certificate.

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