Notarial services

There are many documents which can be notarized by a Notary Public. When your document is notarized, that means one of our Notaries has certified that document according to the associated protocol.

What will our office notarize?

Please note we can only notarize documents that are in English or Russian.

Here is a list of some of the common services we provide.

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  • Affidavits for documents required at a BC Public Registry
  • Authorization of Minor Child Travel
  • Certified True Copies of Documents
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Assistance with Authentications of International Documents
  • Insurance Loss Declarations
  • Life Certificates/Pension Documents
  • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
  • Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures
  • Custodianship Declarations
  • Personal Property Security Agreements
  • Proof of Identity for Travel Purposes

What will our office not notarize?

Notaries Public can notarize many documents, however, there are several documents that we will not be able to assist you with, including but not limited to:

  • Wills prepared by an individual. We only execute wills when we have taken your instructions and prepared your will ourselves;
  • Anything to do with family law: separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, and pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Promissory notes;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Business agreements and contracts;
  • Any other general agreement. Although we may prepare a residential contract of purchase and sale, we do not notarize general agreements that may have been drawn up by yourself or others.

What can you expect at your appointment?

  1. Confirm who you are: we need to examine and review two pieces of identification (ID). One piece of your ID must be government-issued picture ID. Your ID must be valid and unexpired
  2. Confirm your capacity and understanding: We must ensure that you both 1) understand the document you are required to sign and 2) that you are signing on your own accord. If we are concerned that you are being unduly influenced, we cannot notarize your document.
  3. Complete the notarization: certify the copy of your document, swearing your Affidavit or Declaring your Declaration.
  4. Scan your document(s): As per the Society of Notaries Public of BC, we must keep a record of not only your ID but your notarized document.
  5. Take payment: we accept cash, debit, e-transfer and cheque. We do not accept credit card payments currently.

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